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Who should talk to users? The answer is EVERYONE should talk to users. That means designers, product managers, sales, marketing, and yes, engineers. Without user research, how will you know you are building products that people will want? I sat down with Paul Cheek and C. Todd Lombardo of Vempathy to talk about quantifying qualitative user research using AI and machine learning.

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Claudette Stevenson was on the forefront of the GPS-enabled sport watch. She started her career as a software engineer at Garmin International back in 2000, and by the time she left had co-invented eight patents that are the foundation of the successful Garmin GPS fitness enterprise. As a fitness enthusiast, I was particularly excited to have the opportunity to speak with someone who was so instrumental in bringing the first wrist-worn GPS device to what is now a six billion dollar global wearables market. And yes, I've owned just about every Garmin model since.

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