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Ask any product manager how they got into the role, and they are likely to share some story about how it "happened by accident" or "they had some other job and they fell into product management." Some even say "I didn't know what a product manager did." And the current President of the Boston Product Management Association, Bruce McCarthy, is no different. In this episode, Bruce talks about the biggest challenge for product managers - product roadmaps. Roadmaps done right can be a powerful way to get everyone on board with your product strategy and focused on delivering value to customers and the organization. Done wrong they can lead to broken promises and unhappy stakeholders.

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Have you ever been told “you are done.” And not just that you are done, but you are done with the one thing you’ve spent your entire life to that point working on? Our guest this week is Olympic silver medalist and UX Fest speaker Paul Wylie. He was "done" twice in his life - once as a skater and another as a human walking this earth. Literally. Experiences shape who we are and how we deal with adversity. Paul and I touched on these two life-altering experiences without giving away his full story. You have to come to UX Fest to hear that!

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Our guest for this episode is UX Fest speaker Sarah Bernard of Crisis Text Line. Sarah has only been with the organization for a little over 60 days, but that’s actually what makes our conversation more interesting. We chose to focus on how she approached her own on-boarding - how she managed to get close to their users in short order and immerse herself in the culture and mission of this non-profit that’s doing great things for people in crisis.

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