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Pluralsight is looking to change the way the world learns. That may sound like a big goal, because it is, but I wouldn't count them out. James Aylward is the Head of Data Product at Pluralsight. Part of his task is to lead this charge using data and human-centered design. Anytime I can talk to someone at Pluralsight I do it! I always walk away feeling inspired to up my product experience game, and this was no exception.

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Who should talk to users? The answer is EVERYONE should talk to users. That means designers, product managers, sales, marketing, and yes, engineers. Without user research, how will you know you are building products that people will want? I sat down with Paul Cheek and C. Todd Lombardo of Vempathy to talk about quantifying qualitative user research using AI and machine learning.

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Claudette Stevenson was on the forefront of the GPS-enabled sport watch. She started her career as a software engineer at Garmin International back in 2000, and by the time she left had co-invented eight patents that are the foundation of the successful Garmin GPS fitness enterprise. As a fitness enthusiast, I was particularly excited to have the opportunity to speak with someone who was so instrumental in bringing the first wrist-worn GPS device to what is now a six billion dollar global wearables market. And yes, I've owned just about every Garmin model since.

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Ask any product manager how they got into the role, and they are likely to share some story about how it "happened by accident" or "they had some other job and they fell into product management." Some even say "I didn't know what a product manager did." And the current President of the Boston Product Management Association, Bruce McCarthy, is no different. In this episode, Bruce talks about the biggest challenge for product managers - product roadmaps. Roadmaps done right can be a powerful way to get everyone on board with your product strategy and focused on delivering value to customers and the organization. Done wrong they can lead to broken promises and unhappy stakeholders.

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Have you ever been told “you are done.” And not just that you are done, but you are done with the one thing you’ve spent your entire life to that point working on? Our guest this week is Olympic silver medalist and UX Fest speaker Paul Wylie. He was "done" twice in his life - once as a skater and another as a human walking this earth. Literally. Experiences shape who we are and how we deal with adversity. Paul and I touched on these two life-altering experiences without giving away his full story. You have to come to UX Fest to hear that!

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Our guest for this episode is UX Fest speaker Sarah Bernard of Crisis Text Line. Sarah has only been with the organization for a little over 60 days, but that’s actually what makes our conversation more interesting. We chose to focus on how she approached her own on-boarding - how she managed to get close to their users in short order and immerse herself in the culture and mission of this non-profit that’s doing great things for people in crisis.

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Building vision-driven products that solve real pain points shouldn’t be a radical idea, but in practice it often can be. So Radhika Dutt and her colleagues, Nidhi Aggarwal and Geordie Kaytes set out to create a toolkit to help product leaders when good products go bad.

Radical Product is a free and open source toolkit for building great products. Radhika and I talked about the Radical Product framework and how it can be applied as a cure for the four product diseases.

Come to UX Fest on June 4th to hear Radhika speak about building radical products!

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David Delmar is looking for a fight. Not in the pugilistic sense, but rather the fight for social progress and income equality for those who just need an opportunity.

His original plan coming out of the Boston University College of Fine Arts was to be a comic book illustrator, which seems appropriate since you get the impression he’s doing superhero things when you hear David speak passionately about Resilient Coders.

Come to UX Fest on June 4th to hear David speak about job creation and what that means for our tech community.

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Kyruus has built a provider data management platform that considers billions of data points about physicians from thousands of different data sources to solve what they call the Patient Access Paradox.

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Julie Yoo has learned a few things since launching the company with Dr. Graham Gardner back in 2011. Julie and I talked about her background and the challenges of leading a company through significant growth and beyond, including:

  • How they’ve organized their product teams to more closely follow the user’s journey and support continued growth,
  • Deciding what to do and what NOT to do as a Chief Product Officer
  • The future role of EHRs in healthcare
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I sat down with HBS Senior Lecturer and UX Fest 2018 speaker Julia Austin to discuss her article "What It Takes to Become a Great Product Manager." As an investor, board member, and advisor for over a dozen companies, Julia has the experience to identify some of the biggest reasons why early-stage companies succeed (and fail).

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We are bringing UX Fest back! What is UX Fest, and why are we bringing it back? Since I wasn't here in 2014 (our last "fest"), I decided to sit down with Richard to ask him about how it will be different and even better than the last time. We talk about the themes of the event, who should attend, and three things we learned from 2014 that we've changed for this year's event.

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It's not all that uncommon for companies to have to communicate with multiple different constituent groups. In Torchlight's case, they have customers who are licensing their software, and they have caregivers who are the actual users of the platform. To complicate things further, these caregivers don’t necessarily always self-identify as users/caregivers. And when they do, their use tends to be more episodic and sometimes in a moment of crisis! How do you then resolve that balance between communicating to each of those constituents in a manner that doesn't feel confusing or at least targets them when they're in the right frame of mind for interactions with you?

In this episode, Carolyn discusses how Torchlight uses data from multiple constituent groups to inform their product releases, messaging, and driving value for their customers.

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