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Designing the Future, pt. 1: Fictional UI with Chris Noessel

This week we sit down with Chris Noessel, author of Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction to talk about fictional UI. Steve actively exposes how much of a dork he is throughout this epic Dirt episode.

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From The Dirt Archive: Conflict is the Key to Great UX, with Steve Fisher

On the heels of a great series, we step back a bit to remind ourselves how awesome our friend Steve Fisher is by pulling this classic episode from the archives. We discuss how creating conflict on a project can lead to a much better experience for the end users.

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Performance, pt. 2: Edge-case Web Speed with Colin Bendell of Akamai

Today: a special super-sized episode of The Dirt featuring Colin Bendell, Director in the CTO Office at Akamai. In this wide-ranging discussion, we explore the performance implications of responsive design, the role of CDNs in major world events, and much, much more.

Be sure to listen through the closing music for a bonus, extra-long, extra-thrilling after-show conversation. We had so much fun with Colin, we simply wouldn't let him get back to work! Seriously, this is a good one, folks.

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Performance, pt. 3: Designing with a Budget with Dan Mall

This week we sit down with SuperFriendly founder, Dan Mall. To close out our series on performance, we chat with Dan about building and implementing a performance budget. The budgeting design has been an important part of our work in delivering the best experience possible and we're thrilled to have the chance to discuss it with Dan.

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