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Productizing Your Services

Boston's record snowfall finally caught up with us! We're taking a short breather to prepare a bunch of great new episodes. Today we're republishing one of our favorites from our archive, which originally aired in July 2014. We'll be back with a brand new Dirt next week.

In this classic episode, we talk about how to be a better freelancer by productizing your services. This conversation was recorded on the heels of an article by Robert Williams called Freelance as a Service. We discuss what it means to deliver a service to clients and how to package that up in unique ways. Differentiating yourself with a service-based product can help steer you toward the clients you want and away from the ones you don't.

At the end of the show, we mention Corkscrew, our style guide framework that was in private beta at the time. Corkscrew is now publicly available on GitHub, so check it out!

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Successful Product Design, pt. 1: Onboarding with Samuel Hulick

This week, we kick off a series about successful product design by sitting down with Samuel Hulick for a chat about how to onboard users into your product. Samuel is the man behind and has done teardowns for all of our favorite apps including: Slack, Netflix, and Duolingo.

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