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For part 3 of our series on Experience Development, we sit down with Lead Front-end Developer at Shopify, Jonathan Snook. On this episode we talk about roles in Front-end Development and the importance in identifying the difference between "design implementation" and "application development" can be critical to having a successful team.

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Experience Development pt. 2: Progressive Enhancement with Jeremy Keith

This week Steve and I get a chance to sit down with Jeremy Keith of Clearleft and talk about a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts: Progressive Enhancement. We clear up the common confusion between PE and a similiar (but very different) concept in software develoment called graceful degradation, and even get into JavaScript frameworks. Tune in this week to learn from the master, in part 2 of our Experience Development series.

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This week we kick off the start of a new series entitled Experience Development where we look at the coding site of UX. This week's topic is: Universal Access. We sit down with the co-authors of Rosenfeld Media's A Web for EveryoneSarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery to talk about digital accessibility.

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Creating a Successful Product pt. 3: Getting Funded, with Erin Glenn of Alphaworks

In part 3 of our series entitled, Creating a Successful Product, we sit down with Erin Glenn, CEO at Alphaworks. Erin takes us through the all-important phase of any successful product: getting funded. We talk about classic funding models, kickstarter (crowdfunding), and the new model Alphaworks has been implementing. This is a great episode to find out exactly what it takes to get your product funded!

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This week on The Dirt, we kick off 2015 with a new series entitled, Creating a Successful Product. We sit down with Mike Kruzeniski, the Design Lead at Twitter to talk about his thoughts on how to design successful product. Mike exposes the design culture at Twitter and how they make sure all products are of the highest quality.

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