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Creating a Successful Product pt. 2: Marketing & Positioning, with Studio Neat

In part 2 of our series entitled, <em>Creating a Successful Product</em>, we sit down with Tom &amp; Dan from Studio Neat. Studio Neat is a design shop for physical and digital products. We chat with them about marketing, positioning and pricing a product to succeed in the marketplace!

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Educating the Web pt. 5 with Lou Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Media

This week on the show we sit down with Lou Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Media to talk about the role of physical media in Web Design/Development education. Rosenfeld Media has put out many of our favorite books over the years; it was a real treat to sit down and chat with the man behind the paper

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Design Pillars pt. 3: Layout with Nathan Ford of Monotype

On today's episode of The Dirt we sit down with Nathan Ford, Product Manager at Monotype and original conspirator behind Gridset. We take a look at the mysteries of content-out layout, the complications inherent to building great grids, and why all those damned kids love the 960 Grid System so much.

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Open Source pt. 3: The Open Web with Bruce Lawson of Opera


To (maybe) close out our series on Open Source, Steve and I sit down with the great, Bruce Lawsonof Opera! Bruce schools us on why the Open Web is so important to the past and future of our industry. We also chat about the accessibility of Web components, standards and making sausages.

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