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Design Pillars pt. 2: Typography with Dave Crossland Google Fonts

Today on The Dirt join us for an interview with Dave Crossland, instructor at Crafting Type and consultant to Google Fonts. Join us as we discuss Dave's background and his move to creating typefaces, his open source motivations, and the reasoning behind the existence of Google Fonts.

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Design Pillars pt. 1: Color Theory with Dave Alonzo of Adobe

Today on The Dirt we sit down with Dave Alonzo, Senior Experience Designer at Adobe and member of the Adobe Color CC team. We discuss the Color app for mobile, its evolution from the old days when it was named Kuler, and Adobe's embrace of mobile as an extension of our creative workspace.

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Today on The Dirt, we finally wrangle the gentleman hosts of BizCraft into the studio. Tune in for a discussion of the death of originality in web design, commoditization of the low end of our market, the actual starting time of beer ‘o’ clock in Florida, and how our profession has responded to a proliferation of high quality and cheap design options.

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Open Source pt.2: Licensing Matters with Gabe Levine

Today on The Dirt, join us as we discuss the mystical art of open source licensing with super lawyer Gabe Levine, Esquire. Why should you license your projects? What happens if you don't? Listen in to find out.

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Open Source pt.1: Maintaining Open Source Projects with Jenn Schiffer

On The Dirt today, please welcome Jenn Schiffer of Bocoup. We talk about the details of contributing to and maintaining open source projects, including: setting maintenance expectations; guidelines for being a good contributor; and how to ignite Jenn's ire by nitpicking her build files.

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Educating the Web pt. 4 with Paul Jarvis

This week on The Dirt we sit down with web designer, best-selling author & gentleman of adventure Paul Jarvis. Paul gives us the background on his career and how he got into writing and educating as part of his professional offering.

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