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This week on The Dirt we welcome Dudley Storey, instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, to defend the side of higher education in our ongoing series on education in the web profession. Join us as Dudley fills us in on how web dev education works at his institute and makes us all immediately wish we'd attended college in Canada.

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Today on the show we take a look at our internal methods of professional development at Fresh Tilled Soil. Join us as we discuss our apprenticeship program, the now defunct FTS Labs program, designer/developer knowledge sharing, and the UXpert program.

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This week on the show Mark and I sit down with Treehouse Teacher and Co-host of The Treehouse Show, Nick Pettit to talk about the current state of education for aspiring Web designers & developers. We discuss the glaring holes in University systems, horrible red tape, and how the folks over at Treehouse are trying to change the way we learn.

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Today on The Dirt we take a look at universal design, the idea of designing and building everything to be accessible to the broadest audience possible regardless of ability, means of access or other constraints that we as designers don't control. Join us for our take on the real meaning of designing for everyone.

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Live at UX Fest! This week we do a special show in front of a live audience (just like the Cosby Show). We breakdown the concepts behind MVP, talk about how they have been bastardized over the past few years, and what an ideal MVP should look like.

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