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This week on the show we sit down with Jeff Miller, the Experience Design Director at Foodler. Jim gives us a look into the UX process inside Foodler as we discuss the differences between agencies and product companies (I think Jeff is soured to agencies...). We also get a cool look at new features coming out a Foodler!

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Conflict is the Key to Great User Experience with Steve Fisher

This week on the show with sit down with the UXFest workshopper, Steve Fisher. We discuss how creating conflict on a project can lead to a much better experience for the end users.

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Extending on our last episode, and Mark's love of Apple, we dig into the UX & UI of the Watch we've all been talking about. We talk about positioning a product based on your audience vs. pivoting to explore a new target market. Steve can't wait for Apple to come out with an anklet, Mark continues to love everything Apple does, and Tim injects reality into the discussion.

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iPhone 6 UX and ApplePay

With the big announcement from Apple about new additions to the Apple family we discuss how the new larger screened devices affect the UX of a phone (poking at Android, of course) and how it relates to hammering home the importance of Responsive Design. We also crack open ApplePay to discuss how it affects the experience of owning the phone and integrating it deeply into your life. Will Apple succeed where others have failed? Tune in!

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This week we’re lucky to have Partner and Experience Director at Funsize, Anthony Armendariz as our guest. Listen in as we tackle the tricky topic of pricing design work and take an in depth look at Funsize’s approach to the issue.

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On this episode of The Dirt we speak with Carl Smith, Advisor to nGen Works and all around nicer human being than any of us can ever aspire to be. We take a look at company culture, the good and bad of running a self-sufficient team, and the general superiority of Florida’s weather.

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James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom from UX Podcast


This week on The Dirt, we finally inject some professionalism into what we do. Please welcome ultra-special guests James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom of UX Podcast.

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On this episode of The Dirt we’re joined by Erik Runyon, Director of Web Communications at University of Notre Dame. Spurred on by the recent controversies at Mozilla we take a look at how they operate, discuss the effect they’ve had on the open web, and speculate on their future.

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Cortana, Amazon Fire and the Picture Element


Erik Runyon of Notre Dame joins us again as we tackle this week’s news on The Dirt. We discuss Microsoft’s backtracking on Windows 8 and their answer to Siri/Google Now, the new Amazon Fire set-top box, and recent work on implementation of the picture element in Blink.

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David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp

In an extra special episode of The Dirt your scrappy UX underdogs jump into the ring with David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp (formerly 37signals). We discuss the new solitary focus on Basecamp, the intricacies of changing a company name, and Tim's failed attempt to squat Basecamp's Facebook profile.

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This week we sit down with Dave Levine, a UX Designer at Draft Kings (fantasy sports product), to talk about designing an experience in high distraction environments. Dave gives us insights into the UX process at Draft Kings and we discuss how to grab a user's attention when their focus is elsewhere. Steve isn't here this week so it's safe for children to tune in.

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