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Today on The Dirt we discuss privacy on the web through the lens of a recent tracking technique known as canvas fingerprinting. If you've listened long enough you've probably got a good idea of where the opinions split on this topic between your absurd hosts.

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Today on The Dirt, we welcome Jason Pamental from H+W Design in Providence, RI. Jason recently wrote a book on responsive typography (called, appropriately enough, Responsive Typography) and we took the opportunity to grill him on the topic. Tune in to hear Jason drop some knowledge on web type and our responsibilities as designers/developers, and Tim get all curmudgeonly on cyclical topics in web development.

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On the latest episode of The Dirt we discuss the impending layoffs at Microsoft and what they mean for the future of the company. We also take a look at the (frankly, stupid) controversy around the recent redesign/rebrand at Airbnb.

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Tune in to this episode of The Dirt for our interview with Moritz Plassnig, co-founder and CEO of Codeship! We take a look at the experience of products intended for developers and the future of the Codeship platform.

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Today on The Dirt we speak with Ian Murphy, Product Director for Future Insights. We discuss how Future Insights came to be, how conferences are organized and run, and how a good conference speaker is created. Tune in to learn the secrets of tricking your way into speaking at conferences, just like Tim and Steve!

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Productizing Your Services

This week on the show we we talk about how to be a better freelancer by productizing your services. On the heals of an article by Robert Williams called Freelance as a Service, we discuss what it means to deliver a service to clients and how to package that up in unique ways. Differentiating yourself with a service-based product can help steer you toward to clients you want, but also away from the clients you don't want.

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