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This week fresh off a trip to Vegas we sit down with a Co-founder of the, "Google Docs of Coding", Ivan Burazin. Ivan takes us through his product Codeanywhere, a cloud-based IDE coupled with a suite of native applications to make your code available to you where ever you go. We're all in awe this week as Ivan talks about changing how we collaboratively code. Tune in for greatness!

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Aereo and Google Design

With two big news items this week we dig into the unfortunate Supreme Court decision against our friends at Aereo and Google unleashing a new design language on the world. Listen this week to find out which one of us ended up in tears.

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At Future Insights Live

This week on the show Steve and I talk about our upcoming gigs speaking at Future Insights Live. We go back and forth about each others' topics and attempt to give a preview about what you're in for if you're planning to attend. Steve talks about prototyping in the design process and I continue to yammer on about Environmental Design being the future of experience design. I can confidently say that this is the best episode of any podcast in the history of podcasts.

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 The Designer/Developer Relationship with Funsize

This week on The Dirt, Mark and I sit down with Anthony Armendarez and Rick Messer from Funsize (the company & the podcast) to discuss how the relationship between designers and developers have evolved in the recent years.

You may remember Anthony and Funsize from our recent episode about pricing design work with Flex Scope Retainers. It was so fun, we thought we'd do it again!

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