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What’s happening on mobile these days? Why is my phone suddenly littered with two Dropbox apps, a couple Foursquare apps, and goodness knows how many Facebook apps? On today’s episode of the Dirt, your favorite UX superheroes tackle the recent wave of tech companies splitting their apps apart. What’s causing this trend, and what are the implications for the businesses and their users?


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Snapchat, Facebook App Links, and Apple Speculation

In today’s show, Tim, Mark, and Steve discuss all the news that’s fit to transmit – not to mention a few baseless rumors. Snapchat has released a major update, Facebook is trying to make iOS, Android, and Windows Phone play nice, and despite the fact that Apple didn’t do anything, we couldn’t help but wildly speculate about their future! Laugh, cry, and maybe learn something on this week’s episode of The Dirt.


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Designing and Developing from the Middle

In today’s episode of The Dirt, we tackle how real world constraints affect the design and development process. Clients often hire us to update existing work, to jump into the middle, as opposed to starting truly fresh. We explore how to navigate aging infrastructure, brand baggage, and personal politics.


Interested in attending Future Insights Live in Las Vegas this June, but can’t shell out a grand? Be sure to tune in for an opportunity to save big on your FIL ticket!

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