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On this episode of The Dirt we take a look at the news for the week. Ridiculous topics include Nike abandoning wearables and the FuelBand hardware team, the Picturefill 2.0 polyfill, the total f**king betrayal of the American people at the hands of the FCC, and a new browser from Opera called Coast.

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On this episode of The Dirt, we interview Kyle Fiedler from Thoughtbot on the "Jobs to be Done" framework and its role in UX and product design. Tune in to hear Tim fumble his attempt to get Kyle to call me the worst apprentice he's ever had.

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This week in news on The Dirt: we tackle the firing of Yahoo's latest COO and his lovely golden parachute, Google's improbable Project Ara (think of your phone as a collection of hi-tech legos), and the latest in Apple patents.

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Building on our discussion of the Heartbleed bug, this episode of The Dirt delves into some thoughts on communicating technical issues to your users. We talk about the pitfalls of sending technical info to non-technical users, getting a bit friendlier with errors, and the problem with passwords.

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The Dirt steps back into recent history and takes a quick look at some updates to Macaw before talking about this week's hot design news: the release of Sketch 3. We also compare it to some other recent tools and discuss the impact on the visual design tool ecosystem.

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Heartbleed, Non-Competes, and Twitter Being Lame

This week on The Dirt: you can expect non-expert and sensationalist analysis of the apocalyptic Heartbleed bug, our bitter hatred of non-compete agreements and what Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick personally promised us he'd do about them, and our opinions on Twitter's lame new profile design.

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