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Creating a Successful Product pt. 2: Marketing & Positioning, with Studio Neat

In part 2 of our series entitled, <em>Creating a Successful Product</em>, we sit down with Tom &amp; Dan from Studio Neat. Studio Neat is a design shop for physical and digital products. We chat with them about marketing, positioning and pricing a product to succeed in the marketplace!

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Educating the Web pt. 5 with Lou Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Media

This week on the show we sit down with Lou Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Media to talk about the role of physical media in Web Design/Development education. Rosenfeld Media has put out many of our favorite books over the years; it was a real treat to sit down and chat with the man behind the paper

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Design Pillars pt. 3: Layout with Nathan Ford of Monotype

On today's episode of The Dirt we sit down with Nathan Ford, Product Manager at Monotype and original conspirator behind Gridset. We take a look at the mysteries of content-out layout, the complications inherent to building great grids, and why all those damned kids love the 960 Grid System so much.

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Open Source pt. 3: The Open Web with Bruce Lawson of Opera


To (maybe) close out our series on Open Source, Steve and I sit down with the great, Bruce Lawsonof Opera! Bruce schools us on why the Open Web is so important to the past and future of our industry. We also chat about the accessibility of Web components, standards and making sausages.

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Design Pillars pt. 2: Typography with Dave Crossland Google Fonts

Today on The Dirt join us for an interview with Dave Crossland, instructor at Crafting Type and consultant to Google Fonts. Join us as we discuss Dave's background and his move to creating typefaces, his open source motivations, and the reasoning behind the existence of Google Fonts.

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Design Pillars pt. 1: Color Theory with Dave Alonzo of Adobe

Today on The Dirt we sit down with Dave Alonzo, Senior Experience Designer at Adobe and member of the Adobe Color CC team. We discuss the Color app for mobile, its evolution from the old days when it was named Kuler, and Adobe's embrace of mobile as an extension of our creative workspace.

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Today on The Dirt, we finally wrangle the gentleman hosts of BizCraft into the studio. Tune in for a discussion of the death of originality in web design, commoditization of the low end of our market, the actual starting time of beer ‘o’ clock in Florida, and how our profession has responded to a proliferation of high quality and cheap design options.

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Open Source pt.2: Licensing Matters with Gabe Levine

Today on The Dirt, join us as we discuss the mystical art of open source licensing with super lawyer Gabe Levine, Esquire. Why should you license your projects? What happens if you don't? Listen in to find out.

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Open Source pt.1: Maintaining Open Source Projects with Jenn Schiffer

On The Dirt today, please welcome Jenn Schiffer of Bocoup. We talk about the details of contributing to and maintaining open source projects, including: setting maintenance expectations; guidelines for being a good contributor; and how to ignite Jenn's ire by nitpicking her build files.

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Educating the Web pt. 4 with Paul Jarvis

This week on The Dirt we sit down with web designer, best-selling author &amp; gentleman of adventure Paul Jarvis. Paul gives us the background on his career and how he got into writing and educating as part of his professional offering.

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This week on The Dirt we welcome Dudley Storey, instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, to defend the side of higher education in our ongoing series on education in the web profession. Join us as Dudley fills us in on how web dev education works at his institute and makes us all immediately wish we'd attended college in Canada.

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Today on the show we take a look at our internal methods of professional development at Fresh Tilled Soil. Join us as we discuss our apprenticeship program, the now defunct FTS Labs program, designer/developer knowledge sharing, and the UXpert program.

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This week on the show Mark and I sit down with Treehouse Teacher and Co-host of The Treehouse Show, Nick Pettit to talk about the current state of education for aspiring Web designers & developers. We discuss the glaring holes in University systems, horrible red tape, and how the folks over at Treehouse are trying to change the way we learn.

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Today on The Dirt we take a look at universal design, the idea of designing and building everything to be accessible to the broadest audience possible regardless of ability, means of access or other constraints that we as designers don't control. Join us for our take on the real meaning of designing for everyone.

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Live at UX Fest! This week we do a special show in front of a live audience (just like the Cosby Show). We breakdown the concepts behind MVP, talk about how they have been bastardized over the past few years, and what an ideal MVP should look like.

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This week on the show we sit down with Jeff Miller, the Experience Design Director at Foodler. Jim gives us a look into the UX process inside Foodler as we discuss the differences between agencies and product companies (I think Jeff is soured to agencies...). We also get a cool look at new features coming out a Foodler!

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Conflict is the Key to Great User Experience with Steve Fisher

This week on the show with sit down with the UXFest workshopper, Steve Fisher. We discuss how creating conflict on a project can lead to a much better experience for the end users.

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Extending on our last episode, and Mark's love of Apple, we dig into the UX & UI of the Watch we've all been talking about. We talk about positioning a product based on your audience vs. pivoting to explore a new target market. Steve can't wait for Apple to come out with an anklet, Mark continues to love everything Apple does, and Tim injects reality into the discussion.

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iPhone 6 UX and ApplePay

With the big announcement from Apple about new additions to the Apple family we discuss how the new larger screened devices affect the UX of a phone (poking at Android, of course) and how it relates to hammering home the importance of Responsive Design. We also crack open ApplePay to discuss how it affects the experience of owning the phone and integrating it deeply into your life. Will Apple succeed where others have failed? Tune in!

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This week we’re lucky to have Partner and Experience Director at Funsize, Anthony Armendariz as our guest. Listen in as we tackle the tricky topic of pricing design work and take an in depth look at Funsize’s approach to the issue.

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On this episode of The Dirt we speak with Carl Smith, Advisor to nGen Works and all around nicer human being than any of us can ever aspire to be. We take a look at company culture, the good and bad of running a self-sufficient team, and the general superiority of Florida’s weather.

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James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom from UX Podcast


This week on The Dirt, we finally inject some professionalism into what we do. Please welcome ultra-special guests James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom of UX Podcast.

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On this episode of The Dirt we’re joined by Erik Runyon, Director of Web Communications at University of Notre Dame. Spurred on by the recent controversies at Mozilla we take a look at how they operate, discuss the effect they’ve had on the open web, and speculate on their future.

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Cortana, Amazon Fire and the Picture Element


Erik Runyon of Notre Dame joins us again as we tackle this week’s news on The Dirt. We discuss Microsoft’s backtracking on Windows 8 and their answer to Siri/Google Now, the new Amazon Fire set-top box, and recent work on implementation of the picture element in Blink.

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David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp

In an extra special episode of The Dirt your scrappy UX underdogs jump into the ring with David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp (formerly 37signals). We discuss the new solitary focus on Basecamp, the intricacies of changing a company name, and Tim's failed attempt to squat Basecamp's Facebook profile.

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This week we sit down with Dave Levine, a UX Designer at Draft Kings (fantasy sports product), to talk about designing an experience in high distraction environments. Dave gives us insights into the UX process at Draft Kings and we discuss how to grab a user's attention when their focus is elsewhere. Steve isn't here this week so it's safe for children to tune in.

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Designing Authentication

Today on The Dirt we take a look at the act of authentication and the ability (or complete inability) to balance security and identification needs with a great user experience.

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The U.S. Digital Services Playbook

Welcome to today's episode of The Dirt. Join us as we discuss the latest government tech initiative, the U.S. Digital Services and their Playbook. Good idea, great idea, greatest idea (HA!)? Who knows!?

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Experience Overreach

Today on The Dirt we discuss the idea of experience over-reach, that <sarcasm>glorious</sarcasm> situation when a company decides that what their users really want is brand engagement instead of a good, old-fashioned nice time.

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Outlaw UX with Adam Sigel of Aereo


Today on The Dirt, please welcome Adam Sigel of Aereo. Join us for a serious discussion of the UX of media consumption, trolling recruiters by using pets, and the inevitable cinematic masterpiece that is ConAir 2 (ConSPACE!).

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Today on The Dirt we discuss privacy on the web through the lens of a recent tracking technique known as canvas fingerprinting. If you've listened long enough you've probably got a good idea of where the opinions split on this topic between your absurd hosts.

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Today on The Dirt, we welcome Jason Pamental from H+W Design in Providence, RI. Jason recently wrote a book on responsive typography (called, appropriately enough, Responsive Typography) and we took the opportunity to grill him on the topic. Tune in to hear Jason drop some knowledge on web type and our responsibilities as designers/developers, and Tim get all curmudgeonly on cyclical topics in web development.

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On the latest episode of The Dirt we discuss the impending layoffs at Microsoft and what they mean for the future of the company. We also take a look at the (frankly, stupid) controversy around the recent redesign/rebrand at Airbnb.

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Tune in to this episode of The Dirt for our interview with Moritz Plassnig, co-founder and CEO of Codeship! We take a look at the experience of products intended for developers and the future of the Codeship platform.

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Today on The Dirt we speak with Ian Murphy, Product Director for Future Insights. We discuss how Future Insights came to be, how conferences are organized and run, and how a good conference speaker is created. Tune in to learn the secrets of tricking your way into speaking at conferences, just like Tim and Steve!

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Productizing Your Services

This week on the show we we talk about how to be a better freelancer by productizing your services. On the heals of an article by Robert Williams called Freelance as a Service, we discuss what it means to deliver a service to clients and how to package that up in unique ways. Differentiating yourself with a service-based product can help steer you toward to clients you want, but also away from the clients you don't want.

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This week fresh off a trip to Vegas we sit down with a Co-founder of the, "Google Docs of Coding", Ivan Burazin. Ivan takes us through his product Codeanywhere, a cloud-based IDE coupled with a suite of native applications to make your code available to you where ever you go. We're all in awe this week as Ivan talks about changing how we collaboratively code. Tune in for greatness!

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Aereo and Google Design

With two big news items this week we dig into the unfortunate Supreme Court decision against our friends at Aereo and Google unleashing a new design language on the world. Listen this week to find out which one of us ended up in tears.

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At Future Insights Live

This week on the show Steve and I talk about our upcoming gigs speaking at Future Insights Live. We go back and forth about each others' topics and attempt to give a preview about what you're in for if you're planning to attend. Steve talks about prototyping in the design process and I continue to yammer on about Environmental Design being the future of experience design. I can confidently say that this is the best episode of any podcast in the history of podcasts.

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 The Designer/Developer Relationship with Funsize

This week on The Dirt, Mark and I sit down with Anthony Armendarez and Rick Messer from Funsize (the company & the podcast) to discuss how the relationship between designers and developers have evolved in the recent years.

You may remember Anthony and Funsize from our recent episode about pricing design work with Flex Scope Retainers. It was so fun, we thought we'd do it again!

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Google's self-driving cars kick off this episode of The Dirt. How will they work, how will they affect or be defeated by U.S. car culture, who will they affect the most? We also take a look at the battle between Amazon and Hachette as they work out who deserves the lion's share of margins in the e-book business.

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Today Steve makes his triumphant return from the land of hobbits and amazing breakfast food. We discuss the experience of communication and how some recent technology from Skype and a Google acquisition are breaking down barriers. We also take a look at a startup trying to remove some friction around communication during foreign travel.

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This week on the show, we sit down with Designer, O'Reilly Author, and Founder of ARTIFACT conference Jennifer Robbins.

Jennifer tells us all about the trials, tribulations and successes of putting together a great conference. We chat about the recent ARTIFACT in Austin, and the upcoming show in Providence, the great lineup of speakers and plans for the future! Tune in for braverygreatness, and conversation!

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For our 100th episode(!!!) our esteemed guest this week is Marc Edwards of Bjango, purveyor of indispensable design tools and utilities for OS X and iOS. We explore the past, present, and future of Bjango, from a humble beginning in the world of Dashboard widgets to Skala, their upcoming vector design tool set to launch later this year. It’s a great discussion about the indie software market, developing for professionals, and the risks and rewards of playing in Adobe’s backyard.

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Another day, another Dirt! In today’s episode, we cover our favorite stories from the week’s experience design and technology news. Learn about Google’s plans to elevate Uber whilst burying URLs, and hear all about a handheld device that promises to redefine your avocado experience. What in the world does a new avocado experience mean, and why do you need it? Find out on The Dirt!

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What’s happening on mobile these days? Why is my phone suddenly littered with two Dropbox apps, a couple Foursquare apps, and goodness knows how many Facebook apps? On today’s episode of the Dirt, your favorite UX superheroes tackle the recent wave of tech companies splitting their apps apart. What’s causing this trend, and what are the implications for the businesses and their users?


Of course, this week’s show won’t answer all of your burning UX questions. If you want to interrogate Tim and Steve in person, why not attend Future Insights Live in Vegas this June? Listen to this week’s show for a chance to save over $500 on a FIL ticket.

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Snapchat, Facebook App Links, and Apple Speculation

In today’s show, Tim, Mark, and Steve discuss all the news that’s fit to transmit – not to mention a few baseless rumors. Snapchat has released a major update, Facebook is trying to make iOS, Android, and Windows Phone play nice, and despite the fact that Apple didn’t do anything, we couldn’t help but wildly speculate about their future! Laugh, cry, and maybe learn something on this week’s episode of The Dirt.


PS – Want to see Tim, Steve, and a boatload of significantly more respectful speakers at Future Insights Live in Vegas? We’re giving away a $500+ off the ticket price to one lucky listener. Tune in to this episode for a chance to win!

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Designing and Developing from the Middle

In today’s episode of The Dirt, we tackle how real world constraints affect the design and development process. Clients often hire us to update existing work, to jump into the middle, as opposed to starting truly fresh. We explore how to navigate aging infrastructure, brand baggage, and personal politics.


Interested in attending Future Insights Live in Las Vegas this June, but can’t shell out a grand? Be sure to tune in for an opportunity to save big on your FIL ticket!

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On this episode of The Dirt we take a look at the news for the week. Ridiculous topics include Nike abandoning wearables and the FuelBand hardware team, the Picturefill 2.0 polyfill, the total f**king betrayal of the American people at the hands of the FCC, and a new browser from Opera called Coast.

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On this episode of The Dirt, we interview Kyle Fiedler from Thoughtbot on the "Jobs to be Done" framework and its role in UX and product design. Tune in to hear Tim fumble his attempt to get Kyle to call me the worst apprentice he's ever had.

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This week in news on The Dirt: we tackle the firing of Yahoo's latest COO and his lovely golden parachute, Google's improbable Project Ara (think of your phone as a collection of hi-tech legos), and the latest in Apple patents.

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Building on our discussion of the Heartbleed bug, this episode of The Dirt delves into some thoughts on communicating technical issues to your users. We talk about the pitfalls of sending technical info to non-technical users, getting a bit friendlier with errors, and the problem with passwords.

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The Dirt steps back into recent history and takes a quick look at some updates to Macaw before talking about this week's hot design news: the release of Sketch 3. We also compare it to some other recent tools and discuss the impact on the visual design tool ecosystem.

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Heartbleed, Non-Competes, and Twitter Being Lame

This week on The Dirt: you can expect non-expert and sensationalist analysis of the apocalyptic Heartbleed bug, our bitter hatred of non-compete agreements and what Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick personally promised us he'd do about them, and our opinions on Twitter's lame new profile design.

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