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Fresh Tilled Soil strategists C. Todd Lombardo and Jill Starett sit down to talk about Design Sprints again. This time, the discussion revolves around what to expect when it comes to Design Sprints, and what can organizations do to prepare in order to get the most out of them. The purpose, the problems, the plan, and even the people you should involve in a Design Sprint.

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What kinds of problems can you solve with a Design Sprint?

Fresh Tilled Soil digital strategists C. Todd Lombardo and Jill Starett sit down to answer one of the most common questions we hear: “What can a Design Sprint help us do?”. The most common goal of a design sprint is to assess an opportunity and reduce the risk of failure. That sounds great in the abstract, but what does this really mean in practice?

Design sprints get the most traction in the digital products space but they are a flexible framework and can be tailored to fit a plethora of different problems and organizations. At Fresh Tilled Soil, we’ve conducted design sprints for products, services, and hybrids of the two, for digital and physical solutions, and for customer facing and internal facing opportunities. We run design sprints for organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and for industries ranging from education to high finance.

We recommend a Design Sprint when a client needs answers to a BIG question.

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User Offboarding

In this, the most important episode of The Dirt ever, Mark, Steve and I talk about a term we frankly invented for this show:User Offboarding. We discuss how to let go of your users whether it be through an acquisition, sunsetting a service, or users themselves walking away. We go through the different reasons a service might end and how to do so in a responsible manner. We also talk about what to do with someone's data once they leave your service. Once again... the most important episode we've ever done... listen in.

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From The Dirt Archive: Maintaining Open Source Projects w/ Jenn Schiffer

On The Dirt today, please welcome Jenn Schiffer of Bocoup. We talk about the details of contributing to and maintaining open source projects, including: setting maintenance expectations; guidelines for being a good contributor; and how to ignite Jenn's ire by nitpicking her build files.

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In part 2 of our series on Successful Product Management we have an in-depth conversation with Instapaper CEO, Brian Donohue. Brian takes us through the beginnings of the product and it's transition from Marco Arment's baby to ownership by Betaworks. We talk about the challenges of growing with new and previous users and the importance of onboarding. Wait... where's Tim?

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Successful Product Management, pt 1: Colin Kennedy of Sonos

This week we kick of a new series on Successful Product Management by sitting down with one of the greats, R. Colin Kennedy of Sonos. Colin takes us through the ins and out of how a product comes to life in the Sonos family. We talk about the inherent differences between physical and digital products, and where they meet in the middle!

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Designing Your Career, pt 3: The Long Game with Larry Goldberg

For the third chapter of our "Designing Your Career" series, Larry Goldberg takes us through his long career in accessibility, from nearly 30 years at WGBH to his current role as Director of Accessible Media at Yahoo. Listen in for Larry's take on building a fulfilling career as well as conclusive proof that Steve is the most gullible person you know.

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This week on The Dirt, we sat down with the large man of tall tales, Mr. Aaron Draplin himself. Aaron reveals how to transform the passion that feeds your soul into a passion that feeds your... stomach... Brought to you by three designers, one developer, and some magnificent facial hair. In all seriousness, if you hear a crackling noise on the track, that's Aaron's beard.

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Today on The Dirt: how to actually make a plan for your career and then follow through with it. You know, the way you're supposed to with your projects but never even thought about applying to yourself. Listen as Kate Matsudaira gives up all the secrets to making your own plan and making it work.

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Designing for the Future, pt 5: Wearables with Josh Clark and Liza Kindred

This week we sit down with, newly married couple, Josh Clark and Liza Kindred about the future of wearables. We chat about a magic wand Josh made, Liza's WIFI hotspot handbag, and blue sky some idea about what the future looks like without drumpants.

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