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Product Hero is our bi-weekly series to highlight outstanding members of the product management community. These industry leaders share tips on processes, team building, how to be a better product manager, and who they are outside of their careers. This week our product hero is Karen Tirozzi, VP of Solutions at ZappRx.

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An interview with Marla Runyan, Director of Digital Accessibility at Perkins School for the Blind. Marla sits down with a few members of the Fresh Tilled Soil team to talk about accessibility standards, common issues designers and developers make that create accessibility issues, and how to fix those errors. 

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Nate Walkingshaw, Chief Experience Officer at Pluralsight joins C. Todd Lombardo, our Chief Design Strategist, in the studio to discuss what's wrong with the majority of product roadmaps, how to be a better product leader, and how to get closer your customers.

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Nate Walkingshaw, CXO of Pluralsight, and Richard Banfield, CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil, sit down to talk about a range of topics related to product leadership. Creating an environment for Directed Discovery, optimizing work style over work process, building trust within groups, eliciting change within an organization, and their latest book entitled "Product Leadership".

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The common thread to every design sprint is there's a problem (usually a hairy one) that needs to be solved. There could be a lack of clarity around a product, service, or direction. Perhaps an organization has made assumptions without a high level of confidence. Or there's a high level of risk associated with being wrong. But every design sprint can still be different. In this episode, we talk about how to address these differences and tailor the design sprint process to maximize the outcome for your organization.

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Fresh Tilled Soil CEO Richard Banfield sits down with Heath Umbach to talk about the fact that hiring remains a big problem facing product teams. The supply of solid product focused design and development talent has not kept up with demand. What’s worse is that recruiters and hiring managers have almost no idea how to hire for these product specific positions. But this challenge need not get in the way of your product success. Hiring talent is not a linear approach - you need an immediate-term, a medium-term, and a long-term strategy to keep the rails on the track.

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Fresh Tilled Soil strategists C. Todd Lombardo and Jill Starett sit down to talk about Design Sprints again. This time, the discussion revolves around what to expect when it comes to Design Sprints, and what can organizations do to prepare in order to get the most out of them. The purpose, the problems, the plan, and even the people you should involve in a Design Sprint.

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What kinds of problems can you solve with a Design Sprint?

Fresh Tilled Soil digital strategists C. Todd Lombardo and Jill Starett sit down to answer one of the most common questions we hear: “What can a Design Sprint help us do?”. The most common goal of a design sprint is to assess an opportunity and reduce the risk of failure. That sounds great in the abstract, but what does this really mean in practice?

Design sprints get the most traction in the digital products space but they are a flexible framework and can be tailored to fit a plethora of different problems and organizations. At Fresh Tilled Soil, we’ve conducted design sprints for products, services, and hybrids of the two, for digital and physical solutions, and for customer facing and internal facing opportunities. We run design sprints for organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and for industries ranging from education to high finance.

We recommend a Design Sprint when a client needs answers to a BIG question.

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User Offboarding

In this, the most important episode of The Dirt ever, Mark, Steve and I talk about a term we frankly invented for this show:User Offboarding. We discuss how to let go of your users whether it be through an acquisition, sunsetting a service, or users themselves walking away. We go through the different reasons a service might end and how to do so in a responsible manner. We also talk about what to do with someone's data once they leave your service. Once again... the most important episode we've ever done... listen in.

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From The Dirt Archive: Maintaining Open Source Projects w/ Jenn Schiffer

On The Dirt today, please welcome Jenn Schiffer of Bocoup. We talk about the details of contributing to and maintaining open source projects, including: setting maintenance expectations; guidelines for being a good contributor; and how to ignite Jenn's ire by nitpicking her build files.

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